Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday Indie Garage Sale 2011

Now that I've taken a few days to recuperate from the whirlwind that was the Holiday Indie Garage Sale, I thought I'd share the experience with you -

One thing I notice with every show I do is that my table displays get invariably better. With my latest line of ornaments I thought it would be appropriate to display on a christmas tree. Of course, toting around a live tree wouldn't be practical, and my first attempt using a fiber optic tree resulted in the ornaments just blending into the branches. On a visit to Hobby Lobby I found they had the perfect little tree - It matches my color scheme, and lets the ornaments shine (and I got it for 60% off).

I got the shelving units at Target - they were really handy for bringing my items up into view. Like these awesome new scale earrings -

They were really popular - I also found some nice bottles to display my wine bottle jewelry on -

The venue itself was amazing - I had only been to the train station once before a long time ago, but the interior is just lovely. Why cant public buildings have the same detail as they used to?

view from my booth

We were also lucky enough to witness the Polar Express ride. It was fun to see the kids walking around the station in their pyjamas, especially when their parents wore a matching set. There were "elves" singing carols, too, it's too bad the accoustics could be better in the building:

Of course I couldn't help but make a few purchases myself - I tried to get around to the shops I included in my Etsy treasury, here are a few things I came home with - 

Zombie Dinosaurs - Tyrannosaurus Print (5x7 Matted Print)
A Zombie Dino Print (plus two others) from Our Secret Treehouse

Choose any 3 buttons out of 31 designs  --  Free Shipping
Dumpling Animal Pins from Goats N Glory - I got the boston terrier, the narwhal, and a deer.

I also bought some gorgeous paper crane ornaments from East Knot West - They look great on the tree.

I wish I had been able to get around more and really shop, but I was there by myself and it was a crowded event! It's awesome that the show had such a great turnout - I love being in a community that supports local crafters and artists, and it is always fun to make new friends. The coordinators Rob and Alison always do a great job (even when there are setbacks they can't anticipate), and I know I appreciate all the effort they put in to make sure the show runs as smoothly as possible.

Now that there is only a week or so left until Christmas, I am busy fulfilling some orders and tweaking photos and things in my shop. After the holidays I'm going to give myself a little break to work on some side projects I haven't been able to get to, and then I'll get back to the workbench creating new pieces to ooh and aah over. I have a few more posts ready to go for the blog so stay tuned for those, too.

I wish you all a warm and Happy Holiday

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