Monday, October 22, 2012


I've been quiet on the blog these days - but I have news to break the silence - HOLIDAY SHOWS

Coming up fast is the MAYDAY! Underground show

I started vending at the Mayday shows just this year but it is becoming a fast favorite of mine - the crowd is super friendly, the event coordinators are so helpful, and the show itself is an all around good time.

The travel time is a bit of a downside, but I dont have as many opportunities to hit the road these days as I used to and the trip is always worth it.

There are going to be Swag Bags for the first 50 people and this year I am going to be contributing! So if you are one of the lucky early birds who gets a bag you might be able to receive a little something that for now is an exclusive bit of sparkle. Not going to give away what it is here, but stay tuned if I decide to spill the beans. I will be selling a few new things as well, plus lots of holiday items! I've been looking forward to getting my little black christmas tree out again.

I have more show news coming up too, so I hope you'll stick around.