Friday, February 17, 2012


2011_12_03 NYC

I was going through the few photos I took during my NYC excursion in December, and this fellow jumped out at me - An Emerald Tree Boa at Central Park Zoo. The slithery scales were so vibrant and bright, I wish the glass on the enclosure wasn't so dirty so you could see just how gorgeous the colors are. I know snakes don't float a lot of peoples boats, but I love the visual texture of snake skin. 

That might be why some of my favorite chainmaille patterns are "scale" styles - like Dragonscale

Rainbow patterns in Dragonscale are awesome - 

This piece was one I finished for a custom request - 
I love the fringed pattern and how the colors go through the spectrum.

Another one of my favorite snaky styles is called "Shenanigans"

This piece just called out for a matching clasp. I called this bracelet "Garden of Eden", because of the serpent influences, and the use of apple red rings.

There are even more patterns I have yet to learn, but hopefully sometime soon I will have them in my arsenal. Until then, I hope you enjoy examining the details of the intricate ring linking as much as I do.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Missing Links

Nothing more frustrating than when I'm working along happily on an order and then this happens -

"D'oh" about sums it up.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Be My Valentine

I thought I'd have a hearty (har har) feature today and showcase some of my many red and pink items in the shop. Besides Valentines Day, did you know February is American Heart Month?

Pink Chainmaille Bracelet - Chunky Half Persian 3 in 1Reversible Chainmaille Bracelet - Black and Red HodoChainmaille "Coiled" Style  Snake BraceletChainmaille Shaggy Loops Bracelet - Berry BlendTiny Chainmaille Ball Pendant - Porcupine in RedWide Red Mesh RingChainmaille Wallet/ Belt ChainPink Chainmaille Cuff with CrystalsRed Chainmaille Spiral Chain Bracelet with CrystalChainmaille Renaissance Style Collar - RedChainmaille Shaggy Loops Bracelet -  Pink BerriesChainmaille "Marla" Bracelet

Valentines is only a short week away, but there's still time to ship pieces that are in stock!
Check out my shop for more red inspired items here.