Sunday, June 3, 2012

What A Funky Time

Yesterday I got up bright and early and packed my car to head to the Everson Museum for the 3rd Funky Flea. By 8:30 we were finally parked (after circling the block twice) and unloading. I managed to get my tent fixed, so I was able to finally use for a show! I put the bent side at the back so hopefully it wasn't noticeable.

I was a little worried about the weather, but other than a few blustery gusts of wind, it was fantastic all day. There was a great crowd of people, both customers and other vendors I got to chat with.

It was a little different being able to set up TWO tables, since I've been so used to the limited space at the Indie Garage Sale. I almost didn't know where to put things - and I realized I really need to do some work on my display. There are two other shows I applied to for this year and they are also bigger sized booths, so  coming up with new ideas will keep me busy.

I loved that the event was at the Everson. Such a great location - 

There was a good mix of vendors selling vintage items, artwork, and other handmade crafts - I'm always tempted to buy so much, but this time I managed to keep my spending pretty low - I got a dress for little M from Sleevescape, and 2 silver trays from a booth 2 spots down from me.

The food vendors were fantastic - Darwin had the BEST turkey clubs, and Roji Tea Lounge  had some delicious libations to enjoy.

 In closing, here are some more photos of my booth -

Did you go to the Funky Flea? What did you think? What did you buy? I'd love to hear. Also, any suggestions for my booth layout are more than welcome.

Stay Funky