Saturday, January 14, 2012

Project Byproducts

On occasion when I'm making a custom order and end up with a surplus of rings, I'll save them in hopes of using them (and sometimes never do..) or just scrap them out and put them in my big "Miscellaneous Jar Of Rings" (hey it looks pretty when the light shines through it). Once in a while I get just enough, or am inspired enough, to create something lovely with them.

I recently completed an order for a set of 8 Knot Wine Charms. They turned out fantastic, I think - I love the color choices my customer picked:

While I was making them, I had enough extra rings to probably make another 2 or 3 sets..but this pattern happens to be my favorite (It's called Persephone, created by Corvus Chainmaille), and I love linking the tiny knots into chains, so I thought I'd see what a pseudo-rainbow colored necklace would look like. Here's how it looks so far -

Quite the delicate little dish, don't you think? I still need to finish up the back side of the chain and clasp, but it will just be something simple. To be clear, the colored rings are the ones I had to cut myself. The silver colored rings I get from one of my awesome suppliers, and theyre made of whats called Bright Aluminum. It's my favorite material to work with, because it has all the shine and sparkle of silver, but without the high price -and- the BA doesn't tarnish. All plusses in my book.

It's a snowy day here in Central New York, but I have to brave the cold to ship orders and then come home and work on some more shiny new things. I can't wait to share more with you soon!

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