Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Valley Health Services Holiday Bazaar 2011

Since the first big hurdle of my holiday season is over I thought I'd share a little recap of my last events. I didn't get any photos from the house party I did, but it was a big success. I am a tactile shopper myself, so I love being able to actually show my items to people so they can see and touch it for themselves. I also tend to tease that the more they hold onto something the more they must want it. Sometimes it even works! I hope to be able to do more private shows in the coming year and plan to develop that more too.

The monday after that was the Holiday Bazaar that My moms workplace holds every year to support their Residents council, and this was my second year in attendance.

(I didn't think you'd want to watch Days of Our Lives)

My new banner I ordered from Vistaprint showed up the week before, I could not be happier with it! I am so happy that now people will be able to come around and actually "know" who I am. Especially next month since the Indie Garage Sale is supposed to have around 100 vendors, it will help people find me.

My table is always a work in progress - I am planning to get some new things this week to help give my displays an even more organized and chic look. It is slowly coming together, though.

My ornaments and wine charms have turned into popular items - I plan on making a lot more, but I'm trying to brainstorm how to effectively display those, too. I can't exactly have a christmas tree crowding my table, as pretty as it would look.

I've already sold out most of my sets, so I think its a good idea for me to get a move on finding more charms to make more. I should probably specify that individuals can be mixed and matched for sets if people so desire.

The Bazaar was a lot of fun. I was glad my boyfriend was able to be there to help me carry things, and since my mom works there she is my best advertising. I wish I could have won a few of the raffles I entered, but then again my luck is not always the best. It's a good thing I rely more on my skill :).

In Two Weeks I will be vending at the Indie Garage Sale! I am excited and a little nervous. I did well at the show last year. I wish I had this weekend to work on items for it but I am going on my yearly NYC trip, so I will have to squeeze in Shop time after work and as I can manage. It might get a little rough, especially with "normal" holiday planning and shopping. At least I managed to grab some good Cyber Monday deals to fill peoples stockings with. Hope your holiday season is going well too!

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