Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back To School IGS Recap

After a long busy weekend and taking some time out to celebrate my birthday (it was yesterday - comes too fast every year!), I thought it was time to share my Indie Garage Sale experience with all of you.

I got up early on saturday morning since I couldn't make it to get my table set up the night before. I had a pretty good idea of how I wanted it since I've had the table up in my living room for about a week (which also meant I had to break it down the night before and pack everything in the car - I should've thought that one out a little better!)

The weather was glorious, traffic wasn't bad and I quickly found the arena even though I've never been there before. I arrived a good 2 hours early or so, and there were already a few early birds in spite of not many vendors being there and the sale didn't start til 11

I managed pretty well the first day on my own, as far as carrying everything in from my car and putting everything in place.

Day 1 Setup

In the background here you can see other vendors setting up - I met a lot of great people over the weekend!

Pendants Galore:

Bright and shiny bracelets:

Colorful pieces:

Just in the nick of time this week I received my hand displays to put rings on

Hiiiii You guys!

I like my shadowboxes for showing off the darker colored pieces - Black doesn't stand out very well against black, but grey is a-ok!

Earring Bling

This little tree is really a Halloween decoration - 
I got it at Michaels and thought it would be a great addition.

Unfortunately, I wish I could say my sales were better - I didn't even make my booth fee back on this show!
I think the IGS was in competition with too many other events this weekend - The Herkimer County Fair was going on, plus the Bouckville Antique show. Hopefully the holiday event will go better (and yes I'm definitely signing up!), and in the mean time the show was a good learning experience.

Day 2
On Day 2 my brother made it out to keep me company and helped with tear down and carrying everything to the car. Thanks so much little Brudder!

I re-arranged the bracelets into color order - isn't it so pretty?

While I wish the booth did better, I'm happy to say I had a fun time and it was so nice to meet some other local vendors! I think I did a pretty fair job networking at this show, and I've been checking out some more local fairs and shows to set up at too.

I'm looking forward to seeing all my new crafty friends (and you!) very soon.

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