Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Off The Chain - Sketchbook

Since it has nothing to do with Chainmaille, I figure any posts I make on other topics will be titled as such. Clever, aren't I?

sketch done using Prismacolor fine line markers, highlighters, and a white out pen

Apologies for not keeping up with this blog better. I often times find myself bereft of words, and my camera has been less than cooperative in recent months. I've been trying to jump start my creative juices lately, and even though I dont consider myself a great artist by any means, I do have fun sketching now and again. Lately I've been heavily inspired by quite a few mixed media artists, and I love posts where they share what theyre doodling, so there you have my motivation for this little scribble.

I'd like to point out, I have finally learned how to incorporate my twitter feed on the blog! Check out the left side bar. If you want to join me on twitter I'd be delighted. I'm still learning how to use that though, too.

I will do my utmost to get some photos of the newer jewelry pieces I've been working on to share with you, soon. In the mean time, please enjoy my bright little bloom.

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