Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wish List Wednesday - Could It Be?

One of the best things about having an account on Etsy is that you can "heart" items and shops to save for later while you browse. (One of the "bad" things about having an account on Etsy is that your Favorite Items can quickly grow to multiple pages long!)

Last March I drew this picture and uploaded it on Flickr with a note saying it would be cool to have a necklace similar  -

(I know I'm weird, wanting a fish skeleton, but I have a bird skull pendant so what can you expect?)

Today I log into Etsy and the featured seller happens to be a shop I've had in my Favorites for a bit -

While browsing around in her necklace section what should I happen upon?

I wonder if I should email her and ask if I could get a discount for having her read my mind?
Probably Wishful thinking, I know.

Check out her shop for more interesting pieces - she has other cool skeletons, sweet little deer, a collection of swingin circus artists, and octopi! (ok maybe just two octopus but its always fun to pluralize them), just to name a few.

Whats currently on your Wish List?

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