Friday, May 3, 2013

Colorful & Overdue

Its been (way) over two week(s) since the Spring Indie Garage Sale so I figure I've had more than enough time to recuperate and share how it went. I always look forward to the IGS but working a show all weekend (especially alone) really takes it out of you. The layout was a little different compared to the Holiday event in December and helped keep it less congested for the shoppers. I got a chance to walk around a little and I thought it had a decent flow.

I played around with my table layout, but of course it's always a work in progress. Here's how my setup looked if you didn't make it to see in person -

I've been trying to work on having a good mix of items on the table without overcrowding it. One of these days the solution will come to be, but until then I'm having fun with different display ideas.

I tried to keep extra shopping to a minimum, since sales are a little slower outside of the holiday season, but I did leave the show with some new goodies. Of course no Indie Garage Sale experience is complete (for me) without a stop at JCookies table for a cream cheese brownie or (ok, and- I got both) a blueberries & cream cookie. I so look forward to those treats and I generally let myself indulge a little on IGS weekends.

I also picked up some jams from Red Fox Farms. I got a Carrot Cake jam (yum!) and a Pepper Jelly which is A-mazing on eggs.

My favorite score though? Well just see for yourself - 

My neighbor this time around was Denise from Whirled Peas Beads. I am a sucker for glass and she make some amazing beadss. I had a hard time choosing, and in my head I am always replaying that one scene in Cinderella when Gus Gus and Jacques are trying to find supplies for her dress when he notices the string of pearls - OOOOH BEADS. I am looking forward to working with the sets I did get. The lime green pair I just may keep for myself - I've been so drawn to that color this spring.

Not only does she make fantastic beads, she also creates beautiful jewelry. Check out her site for more goodies 

Next time I'll share some of the pieces I've been working on - it has been so fun incorporating new accents into my chainmaille. In the meantime, I'm getting ready to participate in THIS fun event tomorrow. I'm not usually the type of person who likes to get messy, but I can make an exception if I get to wear a rainbow.

Happy Friday!

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